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      0571-87968698 88628628
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      Hangzhou WIDE Laser Co.,Ltd is established in 1991 and located in the beautiful West lake high-tech section of Hangzhou. It carries on continually the theory of "Honesty and Innovation,keep improving"and stresses on the technical innovation,after sale service and talented people's training. So the company growths rapidly and has numbers of technicians now,and also own one 7000 square meters Science & Technology mansion.
      GEM5580T VLF CTP
      Film size:14002032mm
      Image:External drum, 64 beams
            thermal sensitive CTP
      WD8008 Laser Plotter
      Film size:762610mm(30"24")
      Image:External drum 32 beams
      CHINA PRINT 2013
      2013 CPCA SHOW is coming
      WIDE attend CPCA SHOW 2012
      WIDE attend South Print Show
      WIDE win great success on CPCA
      WIDE attend 13th Printing Expo
      HeadquartersHangzhou WIDE Technology Building Tel:86-0571-87968698 88628628 sale:86-0571-85122794 Fax:86-0571-87770519
      Sales E-mail:sales@wdchina.com Service E-mail:wd2000@wdchina.com Web administration:webadmin@wdchina.com
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